What Livestock Producers Say About MaiaGrazing

What Livestock Producers Say About MaiaGrazing

The ideal person for this platform is someone who’s put off by the paperwork involved in starting a grazing chart – because it doesn’t take much to get MaiaGrazing up and running, and the business benefits of making informed pasture management decisions are huge.

Andrew Lawrie, Gogango, Central QLD

MaiaGrazing has given me the tools to manage this landscape in a way that is beneficial to the ecosystem, the people who live on the property, future generations, and to be a profitable business at the same time.

Johannes Meier

In our work overseeing and guiding ranch management in the western U.S., Ranch Advisory Partners has sought a technology solution that could streamline record-keeping and grazing planning for ranches striving to operate at the nexus of profitability and ecological sustainability. While we have explored many mobile apps and software programs in recent years, few match MaiaGrazingLITE and MaiaGrazingPRO in terms of their ability to address the full suite of needs we and our clients have – from herd and feed inventory and tracking, to grazing planning, to forecasting and basic financial analysis. We are new users of MaiaGrazing but excited about it’s potential to bring added organization and efficiency to ranch businesses at large.

Katie Meicklejohn, Ranch Advisory Partners

If you’re running a business of any scale and this technology helps you make even just one or two good strategic decisions, then it’s more than paid for the investment.

Mick Wettenhall, Trangie, Western Plains NSW

So excited to be using the MaiaGrazing software and app. We now have all of our grazing and herd information in one place and available to our whole  team, no matter where in the world we travel. The Maia team is always an email or phone call away to help us with any issue we have and, the annual fee is very reasonable.

Mimi Hillenbrand, 777 Bison Ranch Sth Dakota

We chose MaiaGrazing to help streamline the grazing planning process and to have a platform that everyone could look at wherever they were. That was just a small bit of what we got. This program is a great tool for tracking rainfall to help predict grass growth. Fantastic for analyzing the history or your grazes and what you have taken from a pasture and what you have left. Before I was doing the planning and recording on Excel which could be cumbersome at times and wasn’t as user-friendly to go back and look at your history and recognize detrimental grazing patterns. The company has continuously added features to the program and are a joy to work with. One of the best investments we have made. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get serious about their grazing planning, record keeping, and getting good usable information from all that data. I have already recommended the program to several people and would not hesitate to tell anyone to start using this program.

Pat Thompson, Durham Bison Ranch

MaiaGrazing makes it easy for farmers to capture their grazing records and plan for success. It’s the game-changing software the grass-fed livestock industry has been waiting for.

Roland Kroos

MaiaGrazing is the best program around for keeping accurate grazing records and managing forager-livestock balance.

Jim Gerrish, American GrazingLands Services LLC

It has ignited the farming fire in me again.

W. Hick

MaiaGrazing has replaced the need to do paper grazing charts. We now have almost 30 years of data in the one place. This is valuable information for feed budgeting and operational budgeting, based on trends.

G. Bailey

It helps budget the precious grass we have very easily.

G. Heywood

We have doubled our carrying capacity. Managing variance of weather through forecasting tool is powerful to keep stocking rate and carrying capacity aligned.

J. McKenzie

MaiaGrazing is an important tool for any grazier serious about landscape regeneration, sound management through the varied climatic conditions of Australia, and running a profitable enterprise.

J. Meier