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MaiaGrazing guides you to make better decisions for higher profits, healthier animals and more resilient pastures.

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"I use MaiaGrazing in my business to make and record my grazing and stocking decisions with clarity and confidence."

Amanda Young

Grazier at Three Leaf Pastoral, NSW, Australia
MaiaGrazing Team Member

Up your grazing game

MaiaGrazing is the most advanced grazing management software , transforming how graziers optimise pasture and livestock productivity.

  • Comprehesive grazing management

    MaiaGrazing supports key aspects of a productive grazing operation, with flexible data capture, powerful planning features and visual data analytics all included.
  • Focus on results, not records

    Simple task managers are a dime a dozen, but MaiaGrazing drives real results such as higher productivity, better decision-making and more confidence in your operation.
  • Unmatched customer support

    Our world-class Grazing Success Teams are farmers themselves, helping you every step of the way - included with MaiaGrazing Pro.

From tactical to strategic - better decisions with MaiaGrazing

MaiaGrazing is designed to get real results by helping you make the most informed decisions through any season. We understand the challenges of running a livestock business and have built MaiaGrazing to solve your biggest problems:

  • Maximise your pasture yield to avoid supplemental feed
  • Develop contingency plans for different rainfall scenarios
  • Prevent overstocking and degradation of your pasture
  • Know when to de-stock and re-stock & avoid unfavourable markets
  • Plan and execute mob moves around the paddock with confidence

Feature-rich grazing toolkit

MaiaGrazing is by far the most comprehensive grazing management solution on the market today:

  • Scenario planning and forecasting

    Assess potential rainfall impacts, plan stocking rates, identify critical decision points, and determine necessary actions to maintain optimal carrying capacity.
  • Graze planning made easy

    Optimise paddock rotations to enhance grazing efficiency, align feed demand with supply, and adapt to changing conditions for effective feed management - all within a digital grazing chart.
  • Dashboards and analytics

    Access comprehensive data analysis, from rainfall to stock flow and paddock yield, enabling informed decisions through a detailed property dashboard and key grazing metrics.
  • Mobile app and cross-device sync

    Record observations and assessments in-field, sync offline data, and access real-time analytics to ensure optimal stocking rates and feed availability.

Helping thousands of farmers improve grazing management

Grow more grass for maximum livestock weight

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