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Product and features

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How do I use MaiaGrazing to help with scenario planning or forecasting?

MaiaGrazing utilises Forecasting, Graze Planning and Pasture Inventory tools to generate outputs with the raw data you provide.  This removes the need for using a calculator, or pen and paper. MaiaGrazing does the maths for you and allows you to adjust the outputs to test various options.

Can I access MaiaGrazing on my phone?

Yes, you can use our mobile app, called MaiaGrazing Plus when you subscribe to MaiaGrazing Lite, Pro or Enterprise. Our mobile app can be used offline (without Internet access), to look up data or record rainfall, moves, pasture observations and capture photos.

I have a bunch of older paper grazing records. Can this be put into MaiaGrazing?

We may be able to do this on a case-by-case basis. Having historical data in your MaiaGrazing account is great, so we’ll try our best to help you.

I currently use another grazing management software, will that data be lost or do I need to start over if I migrate to MaiaGrazing?

This is more common that you think! We often help new customers migrate key data from other systems, so you don't have to start over again.

Subscription and pricing

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Can I upgrade my MaiaGrazing subscription?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your MaiaGrazing subscription to match your changing needs. All the data you have entered in the Lite will be transferred to Pro. Send us an email at to get the process started.

Why is MaiaGrazing billed annually?

When you subscribe to MaiaGrazing Pro or Enterprise, part of the personalised onboarding experience is to co-create a 12-month Grazing Success Plan. You may opt to move to a monthly plan after the first 12 months. Please note that monthly payments incur additional fees compared to annual payments.

What is the advantage of using Pro over Lite?

Lite is useful for record keeping, while Pro is designed to help you make better informed stocking rate decisions. This includes features that can help you manage your stocking rate against seasonal variability for healthy landscapes; resulting in increased productivity and profitability.  

Pro also includes a personalised onboarding experience and dedicated access to our product experts – our Customer Success team. You can compare the features and benefits of Pro and Lite on our Pricing page.

Can I speak with someone about how to use MaiaGrazing before buying?

Of course, we would love to speak with you. Please ask us for a product demo here or call us at +61 02 6788 1288.

Am I able to share my MaiaGrazing subscription with my team?

If you’re on Pro or Enterprise, you can share it with your team. You can control the type of access your team members have based on whether they are a ‘Company Admin’ or ‘Standard User’. A ‘Standard User’ will not have access to any financial data, such as livestock sales and purchase records.

Customer support

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How do I get in touch with MaiaGrazing if I’m stuck?

We understand that feeling stuck is frustrating. To troubleshoot the issue quickly, please submit your query into the chat function in the MaiaGrazing desktop app. By doing so, you’ll get access to our Help Articles and the opportunity to chat directly with a Customer Success representative during business hours.

I’m new to MaiaGrazing, can someone show me how it works?

Definitely! We have standard onboarding for new Pro customers and intensive onboarding for Enterprise customers. We will work with you to ensure your account is set up just the way you need it to be. This is followed by product training sessions that guide you through our product features and function. What’s more, you'll receive reminders at key points in your production calendar to support your adoption of the full range of MaiaGrazing’s powerful features.

Those on our free version, Lite, will go through a self-serving online onboarding process.

Where is your customer support team located?

You’ll be getting customer support from our Customer Success team who are located in various regional locations across Australia and North America. They are product-trained graziers and ranchers who are using MaiaGrazing on their own farms. You can find out more about our Customer Success team here.

I’ve accidentally deleted my data, can it be recovered and reinstated?

To recover the deleted data, we recommend you contact us immediately so that the Customer Success team can help you in a timely way to increase data recovery success.

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