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As Featured on Insight SBS: Next Gen Farmers

Maddy Coleman explains how MaiaGrazing has helped reduce the effects of the drought through effective grazing management

Maddy Coleman purchased her first farm 2 years ago at the age of 25, which coincided with the start of one of Australia’s most severe droughts. This event caused considerable challenges and the need to develop innovative solutions.

When asked how she has dealt with the current conditions Maddy goes on to explain how she utilises grazing charts and the MaiaGrazing software to help her manage her pastures effectively to avoid overgrazing. The data has also enabled her to make informed decisions on managing her stock and as a result destocked ahead of time to avoid considerable loss and adverse impacts on the land. Maddy’s farm is now better positioned to take full advantage of the rains when they come.

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Field day gives producers insight into cost of overgrazing

Lucy Kinbacher
February 26, 2019

A GRAZIER could risk forgoing production costs of $127/hectare by overgrazing a paddock and take up to 33 months to recover just two thirds of its original carrying capacity. Those were just some of the first hand experiences from a range of property owners whom collect and record data through MaiaGrazing technology.

Drought affected farmers take better control of their farms

September 25, 2018

Agricultural industry veteran Bart Davidson and Maia Technology provide a webinar series and free tools to help farmers minimise the devastating impact of droughts. Over the past 20 years Bart Davidson has built relationships with grazing businesses right across Australia in his work as a grazing consultant.

New Software assists with grazing decisions

Jesse Bussard
September 4, 2018

Recently, an Australian company, Maia Technology, released a new free grazing management software known as MaiaGrazingLITE during the Grassfed Exchange Conference held June 20 to 22 in Rapid City.

Fields of dreams: Moving animals around a farm that has no fences

Simon Webster
August 23, 2018

Moving animals around a farm that has no fences, and knowing the pasture with the best feed on offer down to a blade of grass, is set to become a reality, thanks to some pioneering Australian ag-tech. It’s all about boosting farm performance levels while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Agtech: Data will help you dodge drought impact

Sam Trethewey
August 16, 2018

Exactly when is the right time for us to talk about drought and how we can better manage it? It seems no one wants to openly talk about it or listen to it when times are good and grass is plentiful; however that’s precisely when we should start planning for it.

MaiaGrazing and eShepherd combine to form virtual livestock control

Tony Fawcett
November 23, 2017

The coming together of two pioneering ag-tech products promises gains in productivity and profitability for Australian graziers. The two are online grazing management tool MaiaGrazing and the eShepherd collar, which allows farmers to monitor stock remotely via smart phone.

Managing grass, in advance, is key benefit with online grazing management tool

Jon Condon
April 26, 2017

Northern NSW beef producer Stuart Austin says the ability to ‘measure and manage grass’ using new grazing management tools plays a critical role in the performance of Willmot Cattle Co’s 1800ha intensively-managed grazing property near Ebor, east of Armidale.

Ag-tech: Virtual fencing technology getting closer to commercial phase

Jon Condon
April 24, 2017

The company behind the development of collar-based virtual fencing technology plans to release a prototype version of its product around mid-year, in the next stage towards commercial launch. Australia’s first ag-tech event specifically for grazing was hosted by Maia Technology.

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