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Fully-featured Grazing Management

Graziers know how to win - and MaiaGrazing Pro gives you an unfair advantage! Benefit from unparalleled insight and planning features, superior support and cross-device workflows.

Road-test different scenarios for the season

Don't get caught out or miss an opportunity!

Be prepared to respond to rainfall shortages or excesses and make sure your stocking rate stays within a safe range!

  • Scenario planning

    Run scenarios for potential rainfall and planned stocking decisions.
  • Forecasting

    Evaluate if your stocking rate will match carrying capacity.
  • Action plan

    Define the actions required to implement a scenario.

“MaiaGrazing gives us the ability to design rotational graze plans, track rest periods of paddocks, and monitor how we are matching our stocking rate to carrying capacity.

The app enables staff and key stakeholders the ability to know where livestock are at at any one time, how long they’ve been there and where they’re going to next.

The desktop version gives us the power to monitor the key metrics to our grazing enterprise in a clear easy to read dashboard.

We would recommend MaiaGrazing to other livestock producers looking to better manage their grazing business without the  hassle of clumsy spreadsheets and paper charts.”

Tom and Sarah Whinney

Chatsworth House in Western Victoria, Australia

Visually map out your graze plan

Plan moves through paddocks to ensure mobs graze in a way that maximises your available feed.

Ensure effective grazing, adequate rest and an optimal balance of feed demand and supply.

  • Graze Planning

    Generate an optimised series of paddock rotations for the Growing or Non-Growing season, using a visual map of your property. Adjust your Graze Plan to suit actual changes in conditions.
  • Paddock rotations

    Develop a list of mob moves to enact your plan.
  • Feed budgeting

    Develop a feed budget and compare it to what is actually on the ground.

Get world-class grazing support

Access the support of a dedicated Grazing Success Team (included with your subscription) who run their own businesses on MaiaGrazing Pro and will help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Our team will set you up for success when using our software to improve your grazing management.They’ll bring their real-world experience to help you work through solutions to your on-farm issues.

  • Comprehensive support includes:

    • Onboarding you and your team
    • Coaching on how to use MaiaGrazing Pro
    • Baseline metrics analysis
    • Seasonal forecasting
    • Graze planning

Get out of the office - use MaiaGrazing Pro everywhere

With our native mobile app, input data in the moment so there's no need to spend hours in the office keeping everything up to date.

We know numbers aren't everything. Observations and in-paddock yield assessments are vital in making sure stocking rate matches carrying capacity and there is enough feed on offer.

  • No internet connection needed

    Capture data offline & sync back when you’ve got reception again. Enter rainfall, moves and observations.
  • Visual documentation

    Record pasture observations to estimate how much feed is available in paddocks, and attach photos so you've got a permanent record of what you saw.
  • Data at your fingertips

    Access livestock and paddock analytics in the field.

Reveal actionable insights about your grazing business

MaiaGrazing Pro gives you data designed for one purpose: to deliver the right decision-making opportunities.

Discover opportunities through analysis of all major elements on your farm. From rainfall to stock flow, to paddock yield, you will have all the data points you need to make informed decisions

  • Extensive reporting and dashboards include:

    • Paddock yield analytics
    • Graze history report
    • Property dashboard and key grazing metrics
    • Stock flow reporting
    • Rolling rainfall analytics

Helping thousands of farmers improve grazing management

See your plan in action

Know exactly what your graze plan looks like before you take action!

Our mapping tool lets you adapt moves easily through a drag and drop feature. Map overlays let you see key metrics like days since last graze, average recovery period and much more!

  • Rich mapping features

    See the location and status of water infrastructure with Farmbot integration, and get real time information on mob locations
  • Visual graze plan

    Clearly see upcoming moves from your graze plan. Easily implement a move by grabbing and dragging a mob on the map.
  • Mapping overlays

    Turn on analytic map overlays to get additional information about your paddocks and mobs.

Track your livestock easily

Improving how you graze starts with knowing your feed demand!

MaiaGrazing makes it easy to stay on top of what livestock you have on farm, and to keep up to date throughout the season as you buy, sell, wean or calve.

  • Run multiple enterprises

    Track different enterprises across your farm, along with different animal types and classes
  • Log your operations

    Enter births & deaths, purchases & sales, merge & split and update
  • Update inventory throughout the season

    Update weight, price, rating and stock class

Grow more grass for healthy livestock gains

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