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Benefiting from drought and coming out on top - the Woodburn journey with Bart Davidson

Benefiting from drought and coming out on top – the Woodburn journey with Bart Davidson
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
April 19, 2023
April 19, 2023

One of the remarkable journeys that graziers in Australia have undergone in recent years is in adapting to the challenges of volatility induced by drought at one extreme and wetter La Niña years at the other.

Despite prolonged dry periods impacting landscape grass cycles, water cycles and livestock, graziers like Grant Wickham from ‘Woodburn’, Walcha, NSW, have persevered in optimising their operations to build resilience and profitability.

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In this presentation, Grant discusses his experiences with MaiaGrazing's Chief Grazing Officer, Bart Davidson, highlighting the importance of learning from mistakes, building confidence and trust to stick with essential principles of grazing management to optimise productivity and profitability.Through Grant's unwavering commitment and effort, Woodburn has successfully transformed into a more resilient landscape and profitable business, made possible by implementing innovative grazing techniques and the incorporation of MaiaGrazing and other tools. Woodburn's operations have improved soil health, increased biodiversity - establishing itself as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious enterprise.

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