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How MaiaGrazing Helped Graziers The Archer Family Achieve Carbon Credits

How MaiaGrazing Helped Graziers The Archer Family Achieve Carbon Credits
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
June 27, 2023
June 27, 2023

Tom Archer is a grazier in southern Queensland who has been using MaiaGrazing, a grazing management software, for many years. In 2023, Archer Pastoral was granted Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) for the CO2 sequestered across their 3,851-hectare farm.

In an interview with MaiaGrazing, Mr Archer explained how MaiaGrazing helped them achieve this milestone. He said that the software helped them to track and record his grazing management practices. These were an essential part of the reporting requirements for their carbon project."MaiaGrazing is a great tool for record keeping," Mr Archer said. "It helps us to track our stock movements, grazing rotations, rest periods and pasture condition. This information is essential for the requirements of the carbon project."In addition to tracking grazing management practices, MaiaGrazing also helps graziers with feed budgeting to ensure they are matching their stocking rate to carrying capacity into the future. This allows timely decisions to be made to adjust the stocking rate. Ultimately, this is important for ensuring that livestock are not overgrazing the land, therefore preventing soil erosion and the loss of soil carbon."MaiaGrazing helps us in grazing management so that we can ensure that our pastures are being used effectively," Mr Archer said. "This is important for both the environment and our bottom line."

An interview with Tom Archer

You can listen to the interview we conducted with Mr Archer here:

Mr Archer is one of many graziers who are using MaiaGrazing to help them achieve their carbon management goals. In addition to the interview, here are some other benefits of using MaiaGrazing:

  • Improved communication: MaiaGrazing allows graziers to share grazing management data with other stakeholders, such as landholders, consultants, and government agencies. This can help to improve communication and collaboration, which can lead to better land management decisions.
  • Increased productivity: MaiaGrazing can help graziers to improve their pasture productivity by optimising their grazing management practices. This can lead to increased carrying capacity and profitability.
  • Enhanced landscape resilience: MaiaGrazing can help graziers to enhance their landscape’s resilience by assisting them to manage ground cover, grass growth, and pasture recovery. This can help to protect soil and water resources and improve biodiversity.

If you are a livestock producer who is looking for a way to improve your grazing management practices as part of a soil carbon project or otherwise, please contact us today.

MaiaGrazing is a software solution that can help build resilient livestock operations and improve carbon sequestration through planning & forecasting to manage your pasture and stocking rate. Enter your details below to learn more.

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