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Wrap up: RCS Conference 2022

Wrap up: RCS Conference 2022
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
Published on
July 22, 2022

Last week, we had the pleasure of supporting a once-in-a-decade event, the RCS Conference 2022. This year’s theme was Convergence; where the relationship between agriculture, human and planetary health was examined in a two-day speaker program and an exhibit of various like-minded businesses including MaiaGrazing.

Snapshot of our key takeaways

“What a great event. Over the course of 2 days, RCS brought together the threads of innovation that give rise to the long-term evolution of the livestock industry." said Peter Richardson, CEO of MaiaGrazing. He then continued,

"Starting with the transition to planned grazing, creating more profitable and resilient businesses, we saw that far from being an environmental problem, livestock have a key role to play as part of the solution."

"But the catchphrase for me was stewardship, the final stage of that evolution. We saw the critical role that enlightened producers are having in managing our natural capital, and the emerging opportunities to be recognised and rewarded for doing this.” - Peter Richardson, CEO

"Hit it out of the park"

“RCS nailed the concept of a big and bold convergence of ideas and hit it out of the park. Too often a conference will be a disparate series of mildly related versions of the same content, but not this one. The topics were a well-integrated cohesive walk through where this incredible community of producers has been, where it is testing boundaries, and where it needs to go. From the technical to the personal, the mildly esoteric to utterly objective, political to biological, across people, production and landscape.” - Bart Davidson, Co-Founder

"...closely aligned to my own aspirations."

“With such a talented line up of speakers it's not possible to single out just one. Garlone Moulin of Mt Pleasant Station really spoke to me on personal level, as what they have created there is closely aligned to my own aspirations.  Garlone's raw presentation shared simply and powerfully that their stewardship of Mt Pleasant truly is work of the heart.  Di Haggarty continued that thread when she shared their journey of renewal on cropping land so degraded that it had been abandoned. The Haggarty's continue to prove, repeatedly that there is hope for our most degraded lands and that the concepts of regeneration, biodiversity and habitat can be incorporated into broadacre farming even with the most limited resources.  Their journey demonstrates an alternate future for massive tracts of Australia's most impacted cropping landscape.” - Heather Smith, Customer Support Officer

"... a compelling solution for the entire livestock industry..."

“The RCS Conference was a hotbed of innovation and ideas backed up by the eloquence of science. Whilst it was designed for regenerative graziers and those who support the cause, the challenges and opportunities that were raised are relevant to any livestock producer that is feeling the squeeze of market pressures and climate volatility.  I especially enjoyed the argument brought forward by Diana Rogers of the highly acclaimed book and film, Sacred Cow. She puts a spotlight on the detrimental influence that parties with vested interests are having on our society and environment, and she presents a compelling solution for the entire livestock industry to address it.” - Sheeda Cheng, Head of Marketing

"...ecological stewardship can become mainstream..."

“All the producers I spoke with at the RCS Conference had a heightened sense of buoyancy brought on by their increased belief that ecological stewardship can become mainstream in our industry.   I sensed that the emergence of natural capital markets is keenly being viewed as a market and societal driven blueprint that can assist our sector moving from one that produces food and fibre, to one that can reduce the effects of climate change, while feeding and clothing people along the way.” - Col Feilen

A visual peek into the event

Congratulations to NSW grazier, Michael Fitzgerald (left) for winning our custom R.M. Williams ute bag at our lucky draw. Michael is pictured here with MaiaGrazing’s co-founder, Bart Davidson (right).
The MaiaGrazing travel tumblers were a hit. We saw many delegates opt to use them instead of disposable cups over the course of the event.

The MaiaGrazing booth was a great destination for delegates who had questions on how our planned grazing software works Image credit: @sallybattphotography2.0

In conclusion, we would like to thank RCS for hosting this event and enabling us to showcase our people and product. It was also fantastic to meet our customers and ecosystem partners again, and to understand their grazing challenges amidst the market shifts that we are witnessing today.  

Next steps

If you would like to view the MaiaGrazing presentation and other live talks from the RCS Conference, please fill in this RCS form. You'll be notified by RCS when they are available to purchase.

Want to see how MaiaGrazing supports your adoption of the RCS Regenerative Grazing Principles, or other forms of grazing principles? Complete our form below to set up a product demonstration:

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