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Stuart Austin, Wilmot Cattle Co - Event Presentation Replay

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Sheeda Cheng
August 16, 2019
August 16, 2019

Watch the MaiaGrazing Annual Field Day 2020Event Attended by 400+ Graziers

Stuart Austin, Wilmot Cattle Co - the crazy ones…and our desire to help others

Stuart Austin manages a successful livestock operation at Wilmot and believes in a profitable regenerative agriculture model. In his speech Stuart urged graziers to think differently about farm business management. By taking the approach of accepting the two things beyond our control - weather and markets – we can focus on that which we can control - grass, money and livestock.Stuart shared some great quotes from one of his mentors, Bud Williams - “Nobody ever went broke from having too much grass or too much money. But a lot of people have gone out of business from having too many cattle. Folks should love their grass and hate their cows.”MaiaGrazing was also featured in one of Stuart’s case studies where he illustrates how they were able to use the decision support tool to manage their way back to their ideal stocking rate.As part of the event Stuart treated the attendees to a paddock-walk, and shared the inner workings of Wilmot and how they manage their cattle and pastures to create a sustainable system.

Find out more about Stuart & Wilmot Cattle Co.

Stuart Austin Grazier Masterclass

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