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Graze Planning - What, Why & How It Drives Success

Graze Planning – What, Why & How It Drives Success
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
July 4, 2023
July 4, 2023

Are you looking for a better way to manage your grazing operations and achieve your goals? This month, we focus on graze planning for improved production and profitability in your grazing management.

Welcome to MaiaGrazing LIVE, an educational webinar series designed to help producers understand planned grazing. Customer Success Lead and grazier, Mark Dixon, joined host Victoria Lawrance to showcase the topic of graze planning. You'll also discover how it can be effectively implemented using the MaiaGrazing platform in this webinar. Whether you're new to grazing management or seeking to enhance your existing practices, this webinar is tailored for livestock producers like you.

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What was covered

Graze planning plays a crucial role in optimising grass production, grazing efficiency, and the overall health of your land. It enables you to make informed decisions about stocking rates, carrying capacity, and rest periods, while ensuring you have enough grass to sustain your livestock without overgrazing. The presentation covered valuable insights into the tangible and intangible benefits of graze planning, such as:

  1. Avoiding grass shortages and the need for supplementary feeding.
  2. Maximising grass utilisation and overall productivity.
  3. Improving livestock performance, including weight gain and reproductive success.
  4. Achieving sustainable land use practices and minimising environmental impact.
  5. Gaining peace of mind and confidence through effective planning.

MaiaGrazing Showcase: How to Prepare a Graze Plan

During this webinar, you will discover how MaiaGrazing simplifies the graze planning process. Our intuitive tools allow you to create and modify both growing and non-growing season plans efficiently in less time than using a paper chart. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn about our dedicated Customer Success team. Our team members are graziers themselves and have received specialised training to provide support and guidance to producers during their adoption or transition to MaiaGrazing.

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