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MaiaGrazing LIVE: Feed Budgeting for Livestock Producers

MaiaGrazing LIVE: Feed Budgeting for Livestock Producers
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
Published on
July 10, 2023

Discover the power of Feed Budgeting in this educational MaiaGrazing LIVE webinar, designed to help livestock producers easily approach planned grazing to drive better results from grazing management.

Watch Mark Dixon, a seasoned grazier and Customer Success Lead, as he walks you through the essentials of effective feed budgeting. For this instalment of our monthly educational MaiaGrazing LIVE webinar series, we explored the benefits, methodologies, and integration of Feed Budgeting within the MaiaGrazing platform. Furthermore, whether you are an experienced grazier or just starting out in livestock production, this webinar will put you on a path towards profitability and improved production by highlighting proven grazing management practices. In addition, we will lay out the fundamentals for you as seen in the outline below.

What was covered:

  • The essentials:
  • Understand how feed budgets can optimise livestock production.
  • Learn key principles for improved herd health, productivity, and farm profitability.
  • Practical techniques:
  • Explore simplified methods for creating and managing feed budgets.
  • Gain insights into optimising grazing rotations and paddock utilisation for better animal nutrition and land management.
  • Real-world application and Q&A:
  • See feed budgeting concepts in action in MaiaGrazing.
  • Lastly, engage in a Q&A session to clarify doubts and deepen your understanding.

Who should learn about feed budgeting:

Livestock producers, graziers, farm managers, and those seeking practical insights into effective grazing management. Therefore, register today to secure your spot in this informative webinar!

About the Host:

Mark Dixon, a knowledgeable Customer Success Lead and grazier, brings a wealth of experience to help you navigate the world of grazing management. Mark is committed to helping livestock producers in achieving their goals and optimising their farming practices.

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