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Spotlight: Holistic Management with Brian Wehlburg

Spotlight: Holistic Management with Brian Wehlburg
Written by
Sheeda Cheng
January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021

Think you know Holistic Management?

Why not find out by watching the 'MaiaGrazing Spotlight Webinar: Holistic Management'

We were pleased to host certified Holistic Management educator, Brain Wehlburg of Inside Outside Management on this educational webinar outlining the principles of Holistic Management. Brian shares his top tips and explains how to apply Holistic Management to your operation. Brian's insights on making better holistic decisions will help you gain control and confidence in grazing management.

Invest in a Holistic Management course

Lastly, why not explore the range of courses that Brian will be teaching throughout 2021 by visiting Inside Outside Management?

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