Navigating Dry Times in Livestock Production 

Dry times are common in Australia. With the more recently wet cycle now potentially shifting to a drier time, it can be challenging for livestock producers to maintain healthy grass cover and make informed decisions about grazing management and inventory. 

Join us on Wednesday 31st May at 1pm AEST for our upcoming webinar, where our guest presenter, Grahame Rees of KLR Marketing, Grazier and MaiaGrazing consultant Amanda Young, and Grazier and Head of Customer Success Pip Krafft will discuss critical considerations for your business during seasonal and market shifts. 

During the 45-minute webinar, we will cover several key topics that can impact livestock production, including: 

  • The importance of maintaining feed supply through grass management 
  • Solutions for successful grazing management, such as how MaiaGrazing can help reduce the risk of running out of grass or being overstocked 
  • Strategies for understanding and taking advantage of falling livestock prices while ensuring a sufficient feed supply for animals 

We believe that these topics are timely and will provide you with valuable tools to navigate the current conditions successfully. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your bottom line through informed grazing management decisions – in good and bad times. 

So, register for our free educational series on planned grazing, MaiaGrazing LIVE, by completing our form below. If you can’t make the time but are interested in this webinar, go ahead and register. We’ll send you a replay after the live event so you can watch it later. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and fellow producers. 

Stay tuned for the replay:
Navigating Dry Times in Livestock Production

About Grahame Rees, KLR Marketing

Grahame Rees, a 4th generation livestock producer from Ivanhoe, NSW, dedicated his life to the industry. With a farming background and passion for rangelands, Grahame pursued education at Longreach Pastoral College. Over the years, he gained knowledge and participated in programs like Grazing for Profit and Executive Link. After meeting Bud Williams in 1999, Grahame and his wife Ros successfully implemented Low Stress Stockhandling on their Ivanhoe Sheep station. When Jim Lindsay established the Low Stress Stockhandling School in 2002, Grahame became a trainer with LSS delivering the program across Australia. Inspired by Bud Williams, Grahame, Jim and the late Rod Knight  travelled to the USA to attend Bud’s Marketing school. Shortly after in 2004 they established the KLR Marketing school, offering the 2 1/2 day school to the Australian livestock industry.

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