How I got started in planned grazing with Debbie Hatte

We launched a new educational online series, called MaiaGrazing LIVE to help our community of graziers learn more about ‘planned grazing’. To kick things off, we presented Debbie Hatte, an Australian grazier who will be sharing her experience of how she got started in planned grazing.

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3 reasons why you should watch:

  • You were inspired by the grazing field days and training courses you attended.
  • You have a strong desire to get in better control of your grazing management to get a good system running, but unsure of your next steps.
  • You know that turning principles into practice on farm can be a daunting task, and so would like to learn more about how other graziers go about it.

About Debbie Hatte

Debbie is part of a beef breeding and trading business in central QLD, Australia. She has been on a learning journey regarding the benefits of grazing management over the last few years which has led to the adoption of MaiaGrazing as a tool within the grazing business. It also has led her to eventually joining MaiaGrazing as a dedicated customer service team member who helps other fellow graziers achieve successful outcomes.

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