Bibbaringa: Data Insights for Graziers to Drive Better Decisions

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The power of great data insights

To do that, graziers need the ability to assess the performance of their management practices and decisions. An evidence-based approach, through the capture and analysing of data, can supercharge this process. Not only that, the right set of data insights can also play a role in helping graziers meet other objectives. This includes goals such as growing soil carbon, improving land conditions, increasing the ability to carry more stock, and more.

As a result of demand from graziers wanting to understand how to leverage their data, we presented insights based on Bibbaringa at a field day hosted on the property recently. This presentation underlined the significant value of the data collected across the past 15 years on the property. Gillian then introduced MaiaGrazing halfway through that journey. As a result, she was able to confidently make strategic and operational decisions from the data insights gained.

Grazier Gillian Sanbrook of Bibbaringa

About Gillian Sanbrook

Gillian Sanbrook runs a regenerative Beef Cattle property, Bibbaringa, on the SW slopes in southern NSW. She has practiced Holistic Management (HM) since the nineties and kept thorough records of grazing charts since 2007. Gillian is a cattle breeder who recently introduced trading and agistment. Bibbaringa cattle are managed in one mob, rotationally grazed, and cattle numbers are adjusted seasonally according to climatic conditions.

Gillian is part of the HM support group, 8 families. She also runs Earth Canvas, an art and regenerative farming project that travelled to four Australian states and is currently on show at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

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