Webinar: Soil Carbon Project 101

Are you interested in soil carbon projects, but don’t know where to start? Then join us for a Soil Carbon Project 101 webinar, featuring a MaiaGrazing partner, CarbonLink.

In early September, we surveyed a segment of our grazier community to find out how we can support their journey to potentially participate in a soil carbon project. Based on the insights, we found that a majority of graziers were already invested in improving soil carbon as part of their grazing management. However, there were plenty of knowledge gaps around what is expected in a soil carbon project, and where to access trusted information.

To support our community, we invited one of our soil carbon partners, CarbonLink, to host a ‘Soil Carbon 101’ session on 29th September. In this 45-minute live webinar, Andrew Gatenby, CEO of CarbonLink will provide an overview of soil carbon projects, share their success stories and answer questions from the audience.

Soil Carbon Project 101 featuring CarbonLink

If you are ready to assess your business for a soil carbon project, request for a free CarbonLink Insights report here.

Here’s a peek of the MaiaGrazing soil carbon survey findings:

  • Top 3 reasons graziers are interested in soil carbon:
    • 90% like to improve carrying capacity
    • 88% want to improve production yield
    • 85% like to improve environment
  • Top 3 key concerns:
    • 59% not sure who they can trust for advice
    • 52% don’t want a covenant over their land for 25 years
    • 44% not sure what to do to get started
  • Top 3 burning questions:
    • 64% how much do they have to invest upfront?
    • 62% is my property suitable?
    • 61% what is the likely return and when?

Soil Carbon Success Stories

MaiaGrazing is proud to be part of the success story of Australia’s landmark carbon credits sale via our customer, Wilmot Cattle Co. This good news is then shortly followed by another customer, Cavan Station. You can watch a replay of both webinars covering the soil carbon projects that they have each embarked on here:

About Andrew Gatenby, CEO, CarbonLink

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience working across agriculture and finance, including asset management and investment with a focus of agriculture.

About CarbonLink

CarbonLink are a passionate team of scientists, engineers, farmers and experienced business people providing an end-to-end service to help deliver your soil carbon project. We understand farmers and agriculture. CarbonLink has applied its resources, knowledge, and skills into developing a process of soil sampling and analysis that will provide its clients the best possible opportunity to maximise the returns from their carbon faming project investment.

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