MaiaGrazing Wilmot Field Day 2021 #MWFD21

Have you been looking forward to learning, sharing and meeting like-minded regenerative farmers?

Then, MaiaGrazing Wilmot Field Day 2021 is the event for you.

A few weeks ago, we shared a ‘Save the Date’ for the annual Field Day event that we hosted over the last two years. From then, we’ve been encouraged by the growing support that we’ve received from farmers about it. This year’s theme is ‘A Natural Progression‘, and we’re partnering again with Wilmot Cattle Co. to bring you this experience.

MaiaGrazing-Wilmot Field Day 2021: A Natural Progression

What’s new this year

Learn over the course of two days

Instead of a 1-day event, we are offering two days worth of education and networking. Day 1 will be a full day conference, and Day 2 will be paddock walks with grazing leaders.

Get quality time with our team

As part of your registration, you can now opt to pre-book a 15-minute catch up with a MaiaGrazing specialist matched to your needs. So, if you’re wondering how we make feed budgeting or matching stocking rate to carrying capacity a breeze, you can find out quickly from a face-to-face appointment here. Additionally, if you’re already a customer and could benefit from a quick troubleshooting session, this complimentary service is for you.

Have a yarn with the best

In response to the feedback we received from past events, we’ve created more opportunities for you to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the regenerative agriculture industry. There will be zones designed for conversation – including fresh barista coffee from a 1950’s inspired vintage caravan bar and a Snack Shack – and a well-paced program that concludes with an easy Sundowner Session on Day 1.

Who are headlining this event

We’re honoured to confirm behavioural scientist, Allan Parker, as our keynote speaker.

About Allan Parker

Allan is the Managing Director of Peak Performance Development. He specialises in Negotiation, Creating Exceptional Performance, the Dynamics of Change, and Dispute Management. Allan works internationally, is author of ‘The Negotiators Toolkit’ and the co-author of ‘Switch On Your Brain’ and other books.

A Natural Progression: Day 1 Program

  • Welcome Address: WHY LIFESTOCK CAN BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM by Alasdair MacLeod, Macdoch Group

Part 1: You Are What You Think

  • OVERCOMING “NO” by USA Masters of Grazing (video)
  • Keynote: CROSSING THE RIVERS OF DOUBT by Allan Parker, Peak Performance

Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

  • Producer Showcase: THE HARMONIOUS JUGGLE OF OUR FAMILY & TINGLE HILL + AUDIENCE Q&A by Jess and John Bidgood, Tingle Hill (QLD)
  • MY GRAZING MANAGEMENT HABIT by USA Masters of Grazing (video)
  • Panel: THE PURSUIT OF ‘PERFECTION’ IN GRAZING MANAGEMENT featuring Allan Parker, James Barnet, and Jess & John Bidgood, and moderated by Peter Richardson, MaiaGrazing
  • Producer Showcase: A ROAD LESS TRAVELLED: THE WILMOT JOURNEY + AUDIENCE Q&A by Stuart Austin, Wilmot Cattle Co.

Part 3: Doing The Groundwork

  • Masterclass: UNDERSTANDING CARBON by Dr Susan Orgill, NSW Dept. of Primary Industries
  • Masterclass: HOW TO START A CLIMATE SOLUTION FUND (CSF) PROJECT by Toby Grogan, Impact Ag
  • OUR LABOUR OF LOVE: MOTHERLAND by Stephanie Trethewey, Tas Ag Co. (video)

Part 4: The Road Ahead

  • Masterclass: THE VISION OF CN30 by Jason Strong, MLA
  • Panel: IS CARBON NEUTRALITY A NATURAL PROGRESSION? featuring Jason Strong, Peter Richardson, Stuart Austin, Terry McCosker – RCS, and moderated by Allan Parker
  • Panel:  WHAT’S NEXT IN GRAZING MANAGEMENT featuring Bart Davidson – MaiaGrazing, Terry McCosker, Tony Hill – Land to Market, Andrew Coppin – Farmbot, and moderated by Jess Bidgood

How much does it cost

You’ll have the option to purchase tickets for just Day 1 or for both days.

Day 1: $100 + GST

Both Day 1 and 2: $300 + GST

Supporting our future farmers


What can I expect from Day 1 of the event?

On Day 1, you’ll start the day forming new friendships with fellow farmers, while picking up your registration pass and welcome bag. We encourage you to grab a freshly made coffee of your choice from our baristas, and fruit or a bikkie from the Snack Shack. You’ll then be ushered to the conference zone, where we set the scene for the engaging live presentations and panel discussions until about 4pm. But don’t worry, we’ll have smoko, lunch and short breaks in between!

If you’ve pre-booked an appointment for 1-on-1 time with a MaiaGrazing specialist, or any of the event sponsors, you’ll meet them at a designated meeting area at the agreed time on this day. Following this, we invite you to conclude the day by joining us for a relaxed sundowner session. This is a chance for you to share your reflections of the day with the new connections that you’ve made on the day before we bid you farewell.

What can I expect from Day 2 of the event?

On Day 2, we are taking up to 100 farmers for a star-studded paddock walk with our amazing line up of grazing leaders. We begin the day with a roll call, and options to have a hot beverage and a quick morning snack. We’ll reconvene for lunch on the grounds while Farmbot presents a product demonstration. This is also the chance for you to share your observations from the morning with everyone.

Following this, we will continue the second half of the paddock walk and conclude the day around 3pm.

Note: We will offer an optional dinner on 8 April to those who are attending Day 2.

Where can I stay?

There are a range of accommodation options surrounding Wilmot – varying from AirB&Bs to quaint motels that are anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes away from the venue. We recommend you check the distance of your accommodation to Wilmot’s address: 10544 Armidale Rd, Hernani NSW 2453.

Is there a cap on attendee numbers this year?

Please keep in mind that we will need to cap numbers to adhere to a Covid-safe plan, and will only be able to release more tickets based on new information from the NSW government. If this event sells out, you’ll have the option of getting on our waitlist that will be on a first come, first serve basis.

We are limiting Day 2 participation to a total of 100 farmers to maintain a good ratio of presenters to attendees.

What if my plans change due to Covid-19?

Due to the fluid nature of hosting live events in a pandemic, we will aim to provide all registrants with updates should there be any unforeseen changes. We strongly advise you to consider travel insurance to cover any upfront costs and look at flexible travel arrangements. Also, our refund policy will ensure you are not out of pocket if you’re feeling unwell. Your safety is our top priority.


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