Introductory Clinic: First Steps to Resilient Grazing

Here’s your chance to be introduced to the winning formula of Australia’s most prolific graziers.

This 4 session clinic provides graziers with an introduction to the secret formula of successful, regenerative businesses that meet the 3Ps: people, planet, profit. First, have a taste of the 6 RCS Regenerative Grazing Principles. Second, identify your grazing goals and learn how to achieve them with MaiaGrazing’s software in line with the RCS method. Lastly, hear from a local professional grazier about how these tools have transformed their land, business, and well-being for the better.

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Presenters for the two days:

  • David McLean, Chief of Delivery at RCS
  • Victoria Lawrance, Solutions Manager at MaiaGrazing
  • Mark Dixon, Grazing Success Mentor at MaiaGrazing
  • Bonus speaker: Michael Gooden of Old Man Creek, an Angus cattle stud located at Sandigo, in the Riverina, NSW, Australia

Format for the clinic:

  • Delivered live online in 4 x 1.5 hour blocks
  • Day 1: An introduction to the 6 RCS Regenerative Grazing Principles
  • Day 2: Recap of the Grazing Principles and practical application in MaiaGrazing, followed by an afternoon showcase of a regenerative grazier and live audience Q&A with RCS, MaiaGrazing, and our grazier guest.

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